Now everyone can master neurosurgery!
Quote from Dr. Juratli, UKH Dresden
Cardiothoracic surgery
Improve surgical planning for trauma and oncology cases with enhanced spatial insight of complex pathology.
Anatomical education
Immerse students in virtual reality simulations of anatomy to improve learning and comprehension of anatomical structures
This is phenomenal. This will make anyone better!
Quote from Dr. John Drygas, MD, FAANS - St.Petersburg, Fl. USA

Surgeous benefit

Increase confidence, Improve planning, Practice procedure virtually, Use for case discussions

Patients benefit

Shows them what is happening, May reduce procedural risks, May shorten their hospital stay

Hospitals benefit

May reduce procedure times and hospital stays, Use for all patients and applications, Supports all imaging modalities and vendors

Students benefits

Enhances understanding of anatomy, May shorten the learning curve for medical education

Virtual simulations

In trauma surgery time is crucial for survival; VP Reveal provides instantaneous 3D images

VP Reveal provides a unique display and 3D experience of normal and abnormal anatomy, once

VP Reveal supports 3D navigation of DICOM CTA and 3D Angio in cranial vascular surgery. It