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Virtual reality will transform the medical world

In the time it takes you to read this sentence a computer has processed 7.6 billions of bits of data. Advances in raw computing power have made it possible to process massive data sets in just seconds, opening the way for an array of new 3D virtual technologies. Today, these 3D virtual technologies have already transformed the worlds of mechanical engineering, printing, manufacturing, product design and entertainment. At Virtual Proteins, we believe the time has come to use 3D virtual technologies to transform the medical world.


Imagine if you could explore the inside of the brain or heart with the same clarity and depth that you see in a 3D movie. Now radiologists, surgeons and medical students have to fill in the blanks of the flat 3D images they see on a computer screen. How deep does a tumor go? How does one vessel overlap with another? Is a region of interest in front or behind a critical structure? Today, these questions simply cannot be answered using conventional 3D visualizations. Physicians have to pen the patient and see the actual anatomy to find the answers.


With our unique 3D virtual simulations, we now make it possible for medical professionals to have a more complete and rich understanding of medical anatomy without making an incision in the body. This offers enormous potential benefits for medical procedures: increasing their speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Having access to realistic 3D virtual simulations can accelerate the learning process for students.


As the demand for healthcare increases, access to trained healthcare professionals decreases, and healthcare costs continue to rise, the healthcare community is looking for better solutions. We are convinced that the fundamental breakthrough we have achieved with our 3D virtual technologies can make a major contribution to improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare.


Disruptive medical imaging technology
VP Reveal is the first 3D imaging technology that provides virtual 3D simulations based on a proprietary 3D engine that has been specifically designed and optimized to efficiently handle big data, 3D interaction and real-time visualization. This disruptive technology represents a major leap forward in the ability to visualize tortuous vasculature, complex bone structures, and other challenging anatomical areas.


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VP Reveal is the result of 10 years of intensive development in close collaboration with surgeons and other clinicians. The patented 3D engine has been designed from the ground up based on the most advanced technologies from graphic design, medical imaging and the gaming industry. To keep investment costs low for educational institutions and healthcare facilities, VP Reveal runs on off-the-shelf 3D PC hardware.

Meet our management team
Dr. Piet van Dalen, CEO
Jan Reijnen, Int. Sales & Product Manager
Joeri Blauw, Operations Manager